T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Spoof Nets 21M Views

From this week’s edition of AdAge Digital:

The royal wedding is now a distant memory, supplanted in the national consciousness by a one-time most-wanted terrorist, but the views keep coming for T-Mobile, whose “Royal Wedding” topped the Viral Chart, with 8.4 million views.

That’s 21 million since it was posted a week before the blessed event, for anyone who’s counting, making it one of the more successful video efforts so far this year. The video was good enough to drag another past T-Mobile hit back onto the chart, T-Mobile Dance, last seen on the chart in November.

As we noted last week, the T-Mobile video was well-timed, well-executed and connected to an even bigger viral hit, the JK Wedding Dance, which at this point is well past 65 million views on YouTube.


Certified 100% Organic Grassroots

Most grassroots movements are created by organizers and marketers. The Obama 2008 presidential campaign, the missionary work of the Church of Latter Day Saints, the Civil Rights and Tea Party movements are all examples of organized grassroots movements.

And then we have Antoine Dodson. A resident of Huntsville, Alabama, Dodson was interviewed by a local television station after the attempted rape of his sister and the video went viral. It was set to music by The Gregory Brothers and has become an iTunes best seller. Here’s a segment on Dodson recently broadcast by Today Show.

This is an example of what I call an organic grassroots movement, one that catches fire and gets people talking without any extraneous outside promotion or hype.  In interviews, Dodson states he did nothing to promote the original newscast video and seems as surprised as anyone else about his newfound success.

What can marketers and advocates learn from this example?  First, if you want your video to be seen, make it interesting and something people want to watch! Dodson is also an incredibly credible messenger – no one would confuse him with an actor.  Lastly, the original video was from a professionally produced newscast so it helps to make your product professional-looking as possible.

While you probably won’t have the same kind of success as Antoine Dodson, by incorporating these elements into your video, you’ll have a much better shot of reaching your target audience.

Mein and Phoebe Visit X-Ray Land

Someone’s Gonna Get Rich Off This

Sometimes all you need is an idea that gets people’s attention. This latest innovation – a blanket that eliminates odors in the bedroom – reminds me of another “great” product, The Snuggie. It’s sold millions and made its “inventor” millions even though no one really needs a blanket with sleeves. As of May 3, the company’s YouTube video had more than 628,000 views.

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