Craig Strent is a Master Marketer

“This isn’t rocket science.”

That’s how Craig Strent describes the marketing behind his business, Apex Home Loans.  His smart strategy and inexpensive marketing tactics have built Strent a very successful mortgage loan business.

In 2010 Craig originated more than $100 million in loans.  This ranked him#54 nationally and for 9th time in the last 10 years, he was named one of the Top Mortgage Originators in America by the Scotsman Guide.

If you think he has a big advertising budget, guess again.  “Ninety percent of people don’t remember the name of their loan officer 12 months after their house closes.

Because 50% of mortgages turn over every 5-7 years, Craig’s strategy is to “stay connected with my current clients.”  That way, when they need a new loan, they call him.  Here’s how he does it:

  • Email: He sends 18-22 messages per customer per year, each of which contains important information about housing and interest rates.
  • Mail: Four times a year customers get a letter with a rate quote and on their birthday, a card with a scratch-off lottery ticket.
  • Phone: Craig sends a weekly voice mail (aka robocall) to 100 local realtors about current mortgage rates.  He calls it “archaic” but he insists it works.
  • Personal: Craig volunteers 2-3 times a week in his community and has played on the same  roller hockey team for 15 years.

(I hope you noticed social media didn’t make his list).

Craig also stays top of mind by standing out from the crowd.  “I’ve bought and sent thousands of lottery tickets to my clients,” he said.  “And it’s the one thing they never forget.”  One won $500.

And Craig doesn’t have a marketing team, though he did just hire an intern.  He programs email up to a year in advance and uses a service for market information.  He calls it a “Set it and Forget it” approach to marketing.

I call it smart.

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