T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Spoof Nets 21M Views

From this week’s edition of AdAge Digital:

The royal wedding is now a distant memory, supplanted in the national consciousness by a one-time most-wanted terrorist, but the views keep coming for T-Mobile, whose “Royal Wedding” topped the Viral Chart, with 8.4 million views.

That’s 21 million since it was posted a week before the blessed event, for anyone who’s counting, making it one of the more successful video efforts so far this year. The video was good enough to drag another past T-Mobile hit back onto the chart, T-Mobile Dance, last seen on the chart in November.

As we noted last week, the T-Mobile video was well-timed, well-executed and connected to an even bigger viral hit, the JK Wedding Dance, which at this point is well past 65 million views on YouTube.

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