Our “No BS” Approach

This is the part of the website where we’re supposed to tell you how great we are and how we’re so different than all those other guys out there.  Blah, blah, blah.

But here’s a fact: We’ve been working with businesses and organizations for nearly 40 years combined.  And during that time, we’ve seen a lot of things done right and learned from it. But personally, I think we’ve learned even more when we’ve seen things done wrong.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned and developed our approach for getting the job done.  It’s built on three basic principles: Results, Relationships and Realism.

(1) Results – We didn’t get into this business to coast. Both of us are lifelong advocates.  We want to make a difference in the lives of the people with whom we work.  Documenting positive, measurable results is one of the best ways to show impact to your boss and board.  We’ll work with you at the start to develop SMART goals, strategies and tactics and measure our progress to show the effect we’re having.

(2) Relationships – We have no interest in becoming a big firm that constantly hires and fires clients and staff.  We work best when we have an opportunity to get to know you, your people and your issues.  We believe that forming a strong personal bond is critical for a strong working relationship.  We simply work best with people that we know, like, trust and respect.  This leads to greater participation among all the stakeholders, a better working environment and more productive outcomes.

(3) Realism – We’re honest, sometimes too much for our own good.  And if you ask for our honest opinion, we’ll give it to you.  We are pragmatic and don’t tell you we can change the world (unless we think we can actually do it).  Our goal is to make sure you achieve the most your can possibly accomplish.  We do that by aligning your goals with your organizational capacity to achieve them.


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