Case Studies

In addition to those listed below, you can read about our top 2009 and 2010 successes.

Social Media – The Epilepsy Foundation hired us to create a social media plan that would generate traffic to their key program areas. After taking the Foundation’s 11 microsites to one, rewriting web content to make it action oriented, and creating a social media presence and calendar, the Foundation saw a %600 increase in its traffic to the desired program pages.

FundraisingNational Geographic Education hired us to create a corporate and foundation marketing campaign.  We started by analyzing their programs that deliver world-class curriculum and teaching strategies to K-12 educators and parents.  Then we developed a marketing campaign built upon their reach, results and reputation.  Finally, we developed and delivered a suite of marketing materials and sponsorship packages that will soon be delivered to dozens of Fortune 500 companies and leading Foundations.

Media Relations – Several clients wanted to increase their presence in the national media this past year.  By creating sustained relationships with a targeted group of national reporters, Sparklight gained top tier coverage for its clients. Epilepsy Foundation – Wall Street Journal DigitalCBS Early ShowABC, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, and NPR.   Hanover Investment Group – Bloomberg Radio, Reuters, CNBC, FOX Business News, and CBS The Early Show with Rebecca Jarvis.

Raising Awareness – The Epilepsy Foundation hired us to help raise awareness about this common neurological condition.  Instead of focusing on the mass media, we mobilized people affected by epilepsy to take action during National Epilepsy Awareness Month in November 2011.  We distributed more than 2.25 million copies of the Get Seizure Smart! quiz.  Even better, more than 95% of participants considered the campaign a success and said they’d do it again.

Political Advocacy – The Peripheral Arterial Disease Coalition wants more people to be tested for P.A.D., also known as lower-extremity atherosclerosis.  Working with our coalition members, we secured language in the Affordable Care Act to give patient groups a larger voice in reimbursement decision-making.  We also cultivated key congressional leaders and persuaded 15 Representatives to sign a letter to a key federal agency in support of our policy goals.

From Soup to Nuts – The Huntington’s Disease Society of America hired us to build a grassroots advocacy program.  We started by identifying a SMART goal: Enact legislation to improve Social Security and Medicare coverage for people with HD.  Using grassroots communications tactics, we began to spread the word in the HD community.  In response to constituent requests, Reps. Bob Filner and Brian Bilbray introduced the HD Parity Act in 2008.  Continued grassroots advocacy has led to TV coverage, convinced 69 Representatives to cosponsor the bill and nearly 10,000 advocates to join our cause.

Engaging Patients and the Media – The National Health Council and its members represent millions of patients.  We used proven grassroots organizing tactics to recruit and mobilize patients to share their personal story about living with a chronic disease.  Community meetings in Pittsburgh, Orlando, Columbia (SC) and Cleveland succeeded in recruiting dozens of patients affected by multiple sclerosis, autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease cancer and more.  We also succeeded in generating significant media coverage (Columbia and Orlando) about the need to reform our health care system.

Network and Message Development – More than 3 million Americans have epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation wanted to grow its advocacy network.   We created a nationwide recruitment program, the first of its kind, and increased by 400% the number of advocates with whom we communicate.  We’ve since created a national Year of Service, a social networking campaign and revised messaging platform in support of finding a cure and better treatments for epilepsy research at the National Institutes of Health.

A Back Yard Success – When the local PTA’s silent auction fundraiser fell through, we stepped in and created the MV Big Flea.  A giant charity yard sale, the Big Flea has no marketing or advertising budget.  Yet each year it secures in-kind donations from hundreds of families and raises more than $10,000 for early childhood education programs.  More than 15,000 people visited our website last year and over 1,000 came to the event thanks to our proven word-of-mouth marketing and communications tactics, like YouTube videos.

Creating Clever Tactics – The Lung Cancer Alliance hired us to help build their advocacy capacity during an election year.  The goal: Recruit legislative candidates to support dedicating 1% of tobacco settlement funds ($200 million) for the early detection and treatment of lung cancer.  We developed a lung cancer questionnaire and mobilized advocates to persuade their local candidates to complete and return the survey.  More than 200 candidates returned the survey and publicly pledged support for our cause.


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