It’s Not About Me…It’s About You!

Don’t you hate seeing this?

You’ve finally succumbed to click on something, and now you’re being told to install a new program?

Like most people faced with this situation, I abort. That’s right, I leave.   And that’s a huge mistake and a missed opportunity for marketing and communications professionals who had me in the palm of their hand.

According to Andrew Hannelly, writing in Social Media Explorer, “people don’t want an idea that ‘changes everything.’ They want an idea that integrates with what they are already doing.  They want content that serves them, not content that reinvents the way they operate.”

So the guy watching ESPN streams? He wants content that keeps him on ESPN, not that forces him to navigate away. The gal looking for answers on WebMD? She wants a window to open with new information, but not necessarily whisk her away to a new site.

Hannelly writes that sometimes marketers have great ideas on paper, but in reality they don’t always work.  So the latest and greatest app may not be what the end-user really needs or wants.  And as a result, the user nor the marketer get the results they need.

As marketers, we have a responsibility to get to know our clients’ audience and create content that is easy for THEM to digest. Like in any healthy relationship, it has to go both ways.


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