Make Your Cause an Election Year Issue!

Election Day is a month away. While the Tea Party’s grabbing the headlines, other groups are quietly working to bring their issue to the 1,000+ candidates running for Congress.

Two groups with whom I’m working have issued candidate questionnaires, one on Huntington’s Disease and the other on epilepsy. Our goal is to have as many candidates as possible complete and return the questionnaire to us.

And many of them do. “I am proud and happy to commit to my answers on your survey below,” responded candidate John Willoughby (HI-02). “Please be sure to keep me posted on issues and breakthroughs associated with your efforts to battle and eradicate this terrible disease.”

Advocates are a key part of the campaign.  They can help by contacting local candidates and urging them to return the questionnaire.  Both the HDSA and Epilepsy Foundation have created online action centers where advocates can easily send emails to candidates in their area.

Candidate questionnaires are great because they keep advocates engaged during election season when little is happening in Washington, DC.  They also educate and build support for your cause.  That’s because candidates are far more accessible on the campaign trail than in the capital.

For example, Jim Rademacher has been pressing a diabetes issue with the Illinois state legislature.  Last week, he was invited to an event attended by the Governor, President of the state Senate and Democratic US Senate candidate.  You just can’t get that kind of access when the legislature’s in session.

Best of all, many of the candidates who return the questionnaire will be elected to Congress.  So when the new Congress convenes in 2011, the Epilepsy Foundation and HDSA will have educated, and supportive, newly-elected members to work with.

Of course, there are other ways to make your voice heard during the elections. But a candidate questionnaire is fast, effective and provides a great way to maintain energy during an important time on the calendar.


7 Responses

  1. Uh, Joe, you just sent me an e-mail asking me to go to a website and fill out a questionnaire. I tried going to that site and was first denied access, I tried again. The second time I found out that “TinyURL” is a SALES SITE!!! I snooped a third time. TinyUrl doesn’t have an Epilepsy Questionnaire!!! So, I went to the second site that you offered and this page came up. When you want us to follow through with your requests, then ensure that the site is legitimate, please.

    If you had hired me, then I would have had my brother’s company in NYC do this for you for very little (or even free). Then I would have analyzed the data. You have my resume on file somewhere, Joe. Hire me, give me health benefits, and you will get someone who won’t stop working for you. If you think that a 12-hour day is long, then you haven’t seen me work. I prefer paper instead of of computer screens, though.

    Look me up by using my e-mail address.

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  3. please have a legal website to go on when you want people to do something. also I would like this letter sent to Linda McMahon, whi is running with richard blumenthal .send them both the letter for epilepsy and see what there response is. I sent them both a letter and never got a response.the polaticians dont ever give you a response back if its not important to them. im just curious. thanks. mary Pellegrini 860-357-3616

  4. i would like to say i am 48 i had seizures at that started when i was 21 then they stopped when i was 30 they started again 6 yrs ago i had a job at apt complex at the time i was on medical leave until the meds started working my job sends me a letter and fired me because of the seizures i was a single mother with 3 kids the sad part was my youngest daughter was born with epilipsy because i had them when i was pregnant with my children

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