A Really Intense PSA: What’s Your Reaction?

This is an amazing PSA. It grabs your attention and makes a powerful statement. This is the only way a PSA works. Nobody sits around watching boring videos. Grab the viewer’s immediate attention or they’re lost.

Some weren’t so sure. “I am about getting people’s attention,” said Jenny Ketcham of Indiana. “But disturbing is an accurate word for this.”

“I like the final message,” said Kim Roznoy of Massachusetts, “but [it’s] way too extreme for my taste. I actually felt so sick during the first attempt, I had to turn it off and walk away.”

I also like the production. It shows how you can create an emotionally compelling visual narrative in a very economic way. In other words, you don’t need whiz-bang technology. Can anyone tell me who produced this spot?

Personally, I liked 21-year-old Zach Young’s response the best: “wowww that is intense!!” Then, perhaps seeing a former teacher about, added “seems a lil overboard if u ask me lol.”

What’s your reaction? Leave a comment below.


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