Download Our Great Grassroots Fundraising Idea!

We’ve come up with a great grassroots fundraising idea called Let’s Change ________! Click here for the download.

Here’s the concept:  Mobilize supporters to collect (and return to you) “spare change” from friends, coworkers and neighbors.

By filling in the blank with your name, you can custom-brand the campaign.  For example, if you’re collecting money for epilepsy, call it the Let’s Change Epilepsy! campaign. The possibilities are endless.

Does it work?  A few months ago I saw a woman dumping canvas bags of change into a bank coin counter.  She’d collected more than $1,200 this way to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Let’s Change! is completely scalable.  A small organization can use it raise $10,000, a large one $1 million or more.  A volunteer can spend one hour collecting $50 or 50 hours collecting $5,000.  Start up costs are low and the ROI is sky high.

Collecting change isn’t hard.  Many people consider spare change a nuisance and will gladly donate to a good cause.  UNICEF and the American Diabetes Association are among those who’ve raised millions this way.

Let’s Change! succeeds because it leverages  your strongest asset: supporters.  They want to help, but don’t always know how.  Let’s Change! makes it simple, easy and fun for them to help support your worthy cause.

We’ve created a free strategic plan that outlines more details on how to implement the Let’s Change! campaign for your cause.  Download a copy today and please share with me your thoughts and ideas.


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  1. The Change idea is going to catch on in a big way. I am sending the information to our Fundraising Director right now. We did this on a small scale when we had our Free Fun Fishing Derby…we did “Fishing for Change” and the Pro Bass Women callenged the PEACE members. We raised over $200. but I know if we went large scale with this one it would be great. My only question is what is the best “jar” to use for collections when one is allowed to leave them at businesses? Is there a correct collection instrament to use or just whatever is available?

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