Why Good Christians Make Great Advocates

Last January, I wrote an article about Christianity as an example of an effective grassroots movement.  But I recently made another connection between Christian history, evangelism and  grassroots advocacy.

Over the last thirty years, born-again and fundamentalist Christians have become far more visible and active in the nation’s political discourse.  As a result, they often wield political power that is disproportionate to their numbers.

What makes Christians more effective?  I think it’s because “Spreading the Word” is a central tenant of the Christian faith (Mark 16:15), so grassroots advocacy just seems to come more naturally.

Face it, getting someone to talk about your “pet cause” is hard work.  When Mimi ran for office, we had a terrible time recruiting phone bank volunteers.  It stands to reason that any group with a large number of Christians would have an easier time recruiting volunteers to than others.

Malcolm Gladwell writes in The Tipping Point that small things can make a big difference.  Maybe the answer is to finding the born-again and fundamentalist Christians among your members and mobilizing them to take action.


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