Pizza (and Other Ideas for Raising Epilepsy Awareness)

I’m in Long Beach, CA at the Epilepsy Foundation’s annual Leadership Conference.  The meeting provides skill-building workshops for staff from the organization’s 50 affiliates and national office.

I led two sessions, including one on the upcoming National Epilepsy Awareness Month (November).  Our goal is to make 1 million Americans “Seizure Smart.”

My message: Stop relying on the “mass media” in to raise awareness about epilepsy.  Focus on getting people with epilepsy to spread the word. That means DIY (do it yourself).

“Grassroots” conversations are so more effective than the mass media.  They’re more persuasive, and they stand out from the 3,000 marketing messages we receive every day.  That’s more than 1 million messages a year!

During our brainstorm session, we came up with three great ways you can put the Foundation’s Seizure Smart Quiz in people’s hands:

  1. Ask your local pizza parlor to tape the Seizure Smart Quiz on every box that leaves the store in November (other merchants can put them in bags).
  2. Distribute the Seizure Smart Quiz to everyone at work, school, church and anywhere else you can imagine.
  3. On Election Day (November 2nd), recruit a few people to hand out the Seizure Smart Quiz at your local polling location.

By doing these three things, any person can easily reach 250 or more people.   And with 3 million people affected by epilepsy, we should have no problem finding 4,000 people to take action and reach our goal.

Got any more bright ideas?  Send ’em my way!


4 Responses

  1. These are excellent ideas! We have handed out book marks to work and day cares on Purple Day and challenged them to see who would actually post them..the winner was Eagles Landing after school care who posted the two sided book marks right under every light switch so a person sees what epilepsy is and there is an arrow showing to flip over and it has what to do for a child if a seizure occurs.

    • That’s fantastic, Tina. We’re going to ask people with epilepsy to do something every day in November to help spread the word and make 1 million Americans “Seizure Smart.”

  2. We have again this year requested Gov Beebe to sign a proclamation deeming November Arkansas Epilepsy Awareness Month. We are asking all our PEACE children to created one of a kind thank you cards for us to send out to sponsors for the month of November as well. We are talking about using the pizza idea as well as using this idea with donut shops. Let you know how it goes.

    • That’s great, Tina. I’m hopeful that this strategy of empowering people with epilepsy to “spread the word” is a success. I know that there are a lot of people out there who want to help, but just need a little push in the right direction. Many thanks for everything you’re doing.

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