I Have Issues with TIME’s “Top Ten List Of Things Kids Today Will Never Experience”

I am sorry, but I do not agree with TIME Magazine’s new list, “Top Ten Things Kids Today Will Never Experience.” Magazines have a real opportunity to create relationships with readers and

Phoebe reading a "real book" but using a cordless phone.

post content that will inform decisions. But when they post stuff like this, I think, “Really? This is what you thought your educated readers will find interesting?”

First of all, it scared me, which I do not appreciate it. Secondly, it’s a silly list, much of which I do not agree with that my kids will not experience.

And really, if your kids are NOT experiencing some of these things there’s a problem. Some, like “tan M&M’s” who cares? But “real books” ? That’s a problem.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s review: TIME Magazine’s new list, “Top Ten Things Kids Today Will Never Experience”

  • Camera Film – I actually think there is a very good chance that one of my kids will experience using film, by taking a class at some point (they still teach paper mache for goodness sakes!) or photography at college. But in reality digital is so much better that I am not sure I care.
  • Landline Phones – uh, we have one of these. So my kids experience this one every day. And it was REALLY handy when the electricity went out for several DAYS and I could not charge the cell.
  • Real Books – my kids read real books every day, so what is this about? Does everyone go out and buy their kid a “Kindle”? I don’t like the idea of kids having their eyes on a screen 24/7.  We actually have a “no screens” policy during the school week policy.
  • Being Lost – doesn’t anyone send their kid to the frozen food section for waffles? Or somewhere in Target for something? I do. And they get lost. And sometimes, they get upset. But I think this is coping skill they need now, not later when trying to manage the Manhattan subway.
  • Music Videos on MTV – Mein and Phoebe watch music videos on YouTube, which I “try” to monitor, as YouTube is a gateway to the unknown. But, what about “Hamster on a Piano” or even Hannah Montana’s new video? These are videos. (Not that I like this new Hannah video, but I get a chance to turn up my nose to it so the girls know I think it’s kind of smutty. They agreed and said they preferred her older videos. Class over.)
  • Walkmans – Walkman, IPhone shuffle…really what’s the difference? They both play music, one needed batteries, one needs to be charged, one skips, one doesn’t usually, but again, like the tan M&M’s, not a life changer.
  • The Glory Days of Nick at Nite – I love a good episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show as much as the next person, but we get these on Netflix or buy them. Phoebe has several seasons of Gilligan’s Island and loves them.
  • Tan M&Ms – who cares?
  • Czechoslovakia – well okay, yeah. But Joe is going to Prague soon which I think will engender interest in seeing this part of the world. Besides, I didn’t get to see the open “Indian Territory”  before it became Oklahoma and I am pretty sure I will turn out okay.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator – again, who cares? Why bring this up? It’s not like Tom Sawyer, or some other cultural icon that might affect their development of character if they miss this.
  • Read more: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/completelist/0,29569,2011482,00.html#ixzz0xTiZWl32

    Again, TIME magazine had an opportunity to really comment on items that kids have lost: long summer days in the woods without your parents, coming home when it gets dark and not before, bike trips to other parts of town that you discovered on your own.

    Yes, childhood has become quite pasteurized and I think we as parents have to make an effort to replace some of those experiences so that our children develop coping skills that will later benefit them. Sometimes it might be something simple like going into the library by yourself and getting your own card. Or talking to the principal about something you think is important.

    But don’t give us some wacky list and include items that are trite.   We deserve a little more credit than that.


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    1. Excellent writing! Can I comment on my own blog? Sure, why not.

    2. Nice job Mimi!

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