Good Customer Service + Responsiveness = Happy Client

This was me trying to get the Home Depot Manager last Thursday morning.

I know that when I have a client who emails me, I respond. Quickly.

If I have a school board constituent who calls me, I try to get back to them. Promptly.

I don’t always have the answer. In fact, I rarely have the answer right then and there. But I pick up the phone, or I respond to the email, or IM, or text or whatever their communication method of choice is so I can get them what they need. It may not be then, but I will let them know when and on what date I can have the answer for them.

I don’t have to go to every meeting. I don’t have to have everything one hundred percent perfect. But I have to work hard, I have to try to get the correct information clients need quickly and I have to be NICE to people who want to pay me.  It’s pretty basic.

But other vendors whom I have encountered don’t always feel that way.

Whether it’ s the staff at Staples who are always MIA, or the manager at the Home Depot who will not call me back when they install the carpet wrong. I want to yell at them: I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND IN YOUR STORE BECAUSE I NEED SOMETHING. Be nice to me.

AT&T gets it. Apple certainly gets it.  JCrew definitely gets it as do a lot of online stores. What is so hard? This is just good PR, good communications strategy, and a guaranteed way to get people to like you.

Is “in person”customer service just going away, like print magazines, or will it simply differentiate the winners from the losers?


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  1. I must agree, Mimi – with your comment regarding your own “customer service.” You were the first to respond to a school concern that I had back in late June (followed by Helen Morris and Blanche Maness). That spoke volumes to me! ~ I’m proud to have you representing us as a School Board Member in District A. You really do care about your constituents and it shows! ~ Thank you for your excellent service!

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