Who’s Icing Whom?

If you haven’t yet heard about the “Bros Icing Bros” viral drinking game, you can read about it in this New York Times article or by visiting the “Bros Icing Bros” website.

The big question is how did this viral campaign start?  The company denies starting the campaign and no one can pinpoint a specific place in which it began.  It’s the classic “chicken or the egg” argument.

From my perspective, the origins of the fad are immaterial.  What matters is that, for some unknown reason, this fad has caught on. Why has it been so successful?  I can think of three reasons:

(1) It’s Interesting – People don’t pay attention to boring things.  This is different and unusual, so people wind up paying attention to it.  In today’s 24/7 communications landscape, getting someone’s attention is more than half the battle.

(2) It’s Personal – Person-to-person communications are almost hard to ignore.  They can’t be deleted like an email or ignored like a FB post.  One reason for the success of Bros Icing Bros is that at its core, it’s about people are talking to one another  about Smirnoff Ice.

(3) It’s Simple – We’re not talking about a 14-point legislative agenda, or a complicated plan to save the world.  And therein lies the beauty of the Bros Icing Bros campaign.  It’s simple, so simple that even idiotic frat boys can understand it.

Let’s just hope this goes away soon.


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