Old Websites Erode Trust in What You Do

There’s a great story in the NY Times Magazine today about web sites that don’t make the grade.

Maclaren strollers

Maclaren strollers

Not because they are old or out of date, which is often a problem for many, but because they don’t reflect a current crisis a company has undergone. The writer details the Fall 2009 trouble at the British Maclaren stroller company, whose recent products have caused the severing of children’s fingertips, as well as the website foibles of Playtex and the delusional John Edwards, still aspiring to political heights. The conclusion sums it up beautifully, “Websites should update or shut down; …if your plans change, you should note the revision publicly, and manifest confidence online.” In other words, play it straight, or don’t play it all.


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