Advocate Profile: Sally Nyakanyanga

A few weeks back I was contacted by Sally Nyakanyanga. She’s a journalist living in Zimbabwe who happens to have epilepsy.

Diagnosed at age 11, Sally’s encountered a lot of misunderstanding.  She is now working, against great odds, to change the situation in her country (click here to read her story).

According to Sally, many in Zimbabwe think a women with epilepsy is possessed by the devil.  Even “my family strongly believed someone had bewitched me.”

“I have now grown up to accept my condition,” Sally continues in her personal story, “and work for the rights of those like me.  My mission is coming up with a center for women living with epilepsy in Zimbabwe.”

Because of the political and economic conditions, Sally admits this is no small task.  “It’s difficult,” she writes, “and I have been trying hard for people to understand, especially our leaders and policy makers, to do something to help us.”

Sally has applied to participate in the 5th annual International Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability, a three-week crash course on organization building.  But that’s not a sure thing and she wants to get started right now.  Of course, she needs funds, but that’s not all.

“Access to medication and medical expertise, moral support, educational and training materials, technological equipment” Sally writes about her current needs.  In fact, she says she can use any kind of assistance that “will help in empowering women with epilepsy.”

If you’d like to help Sally, please contact me at or you can reach her directly at


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  1. wat a touching story keep it up will support you ,hope to contact you soon

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