3 Books I’ll Be Looking at Over the Weekend

I’m pretty much a book nut.

For years I’ve scoured thrift shop shelves, libraries and even the trash for titles.  Over the last two weeks I’ve been thinning out the herd and preparing a donation for the Duncan Library book sale.

I came across three titles today, each of which has been on my shelf for years, but remains unread.  Their subject matter seems particularly relevant and I’ll probably leaf through them over the next couple days.

1. Peddling Prosperity by Nobel-prize winning (and liberal) economist Paul Krugman.  In this book, The New York Times columnists examines the “fascinating debate between economists of rival ideologues” and describes “the strange things that happen to economic ideas on their way to power.”

2. Anti-Intellectualism in American Life by Richard Hofstadter won the 1964 Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction.  It describes anti-intellectual movements throughout American history, including evangelicalism and revivalism, both of which are present today.

3. Private Power and American Democracy by Grant McConnell was published in 1966 and examines the role and influence of non-governmental groups in shaping public policy.  There’s been enormous growth in the business of influencing government so it will be interesting to read his perspectives.

If you’ve read any one of them, please share with me your thoughts.


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