Statement on Health Care Reform & “The Summit”

Regretfully, I see tomorrow’s much ballyhooed Health Summit as a big waste of time.

The GOP has been obstreperous all year.  And what happens?  They win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.  So now we think they’re ready to compromise?  Get Real.  Minority Whip Cantor’s already said the Obama bill is a “non-starter.”

Where can they possibly go from there?

The White House should lean hard on Speaker Pelosi and House Democratic Leaders.  They should just hold their noses and vote for the Senate bill, warts and all, and get it to President Obama’s desk.  No matter how much you hate doing it.  It’ll sure taste bad going down, but will do the patient a world of good.

This is an historic opportunity.  Fix the problems later, get the bill enacted now.  Waiting until the last minute is not a good idea, it’s an even-numbered year after all.  Reconciliation is a bad strategy and trying to blame Republicans, when you’ve had majorities in both chambers, is an Election Day disaster in the making.


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