Why Isn’t McDonnell Investing in Human Capital?

Do these children know that the Governor is cutting their school budget?

Virginia is one of the highest performing states in the nation according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress. But Governor Robert McDonnell’s recent budget cuts, reducing programs to 2008 funding levels, will be a step back in time.

A time before research showed what an impact extra curricula activities have for children’s happiness and educational outcomes. A time before the same research showed that if children get breakfast they do better in school.

Nevertheless, the new Governor proposed cutting these items and more on Wednesday.

In total he is cutting more than $731 million dollars in Virginia’s public school education system and it will be Virginia’s poorest that will suffer. Those districts, like Alexandria, who knew that this was coming will not be hurt as badly as Lynchburg, Petersburg and other poorer jurisdictions that must rely more heavily on state funds.

One commenter on the Richmond Times Dispatch said it quite well: “Bob4Jobs wants to spend money on bringing in jobs – what companies does he think will come while he cuts and destroys public education? Companies want good public schools and an educated work force. Cuts to our public schools are not the way to go! And yes, I would pay more in income tax.”

Yes, so would many.


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