The Importance of Being Relevant (and Not Looking at the Camera)

How does a startup compete with the big guns?

According to a recent article in The New York Times, the online dating company OkCupid faced such a problem.  Six years old, it was having a hard time competing with its better known competitors and EHarmony.

So they started blogging.

In an age of 24/7 communications, starting a blog doesn’t sounds like such an innovative tactic.  But what made it work was the information they posted. Not only was it essential for their target audience, it was something their competition simply didn’t provide.

For example, the best pose for online dating profile photo.  According to OkCupid research, men have much more success if they don’t smile or look directly into the camera.  For women, the company found they had more success with photos that avoided their physical assets and showed fun activities, like “vacationing in Brazil or strumming a guitar.”

According to a company spokesperson, the company’s “informational advantage” over and eHarmony yielded impressive results.  Their blog post on profile pictures brought in more than 750,000 website visitors 10,000 new registrants.


2 Responses

  1. this is great stuff!…I’ll put a link for it on my Facebook page.

    • Thanks, Frank. If interested, I’d be happy to write a guest editorial on something like this for Totally Optical. Maybe a case study on a successful grassroots marketing campaign? Hope all is well and thanks for commenting.

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