Feel Your Boobies: Now That’s Interesting!

A successful grassroots campaign needs many things.  An interesting idea, concept or slogan is one of them.

People pay attention to interesting things and ignore what’s boring.  Sometimes a product name is so interesting that it carries the weight of an entire grassroots campaign.   “Feel Your Boobies” is a good example of what a powerful name can accomplish.

“Feel Your Boobies” was founded in 2004 after 33-year old Leigh Hurst was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She found her lump by simply “feeling her boobies” one day.  To encourage other women to follow suit, she made a t-shirt for friends that simply said “Feel Your Boobies.”

Five years later, the “Feel Your Boobies” t-shirt has sprouted a Foundation with annual revenue of $150,000 and more than 100,000 Facebook followers.  The FYB Foundation has a strong online campaign that helps spread awareness about the importance of breast cancer self-examination and the Foundation.

A lot of this success has to do with the name. According to Leigh, she “didn’t plan on starting a non-profit or campaign, but then when I saw the impact the slogan was having on young women, I realized that there was a purpose and benefit to the way I was promoting self-awareness.”

If Leigh’s original t-shirt had read “Examine Your Breasts Annually” it would be one among many groups raising awareness of cancer.  But now, thanks to the visibility her clever name generated, the Feel Your Boobies campaign has a budget and the ability to reach many more people than their peers.

As Leigh puts it, “many young women tune out messages about breast cancer because they don’t believe they are at risk or the messages are too clinical. We’re here to give you ‘a friendly reminder when you least expect it’. So get feeling girls, and remind a friend to do the same.”

What’s next for the Foundation?  “We’ve been fortunate enough to evolve organically using primarily only money that we raise through our merchandise sales,” Hurst says.  “We’d like to look into licensing opportunities with brands like Victoria’s Secret PINK and other young/hip brands that could work with us on a large national scale.”

You too can also improve your every-day marketing and communications by simply being interesting.  Companies and organizations need personality and irreverence.  I’m not suggesting you need to change your company name or image.  Just that the next time you speak out, spice it up a little bit.


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