Kindling Word-of-Mouth Buzz

AdAge published an essay about a new grassroots marketing ploy.  The White Horse communications agency is sending a Kindle, pre-loaded with agency information and case studies, to their best business prospects. 

Is this a good tactic for generating new business?

As author Jennifer Modarelli writes, the Kindle giveaway has generated awareness of the agency and started some conversations.  It has also “introduc[ed] ourselves to the right audience in a memorable and innovative way.”

But the campaign has not yet any money for the agency.  And at $259 per unit, plus the labor costs of loading and sending each device, the costs of such a campaign can run into tens of thousands of dollars.

I agree that this approach is memorable and has been implemented in a very targeted manner.  Who knows, maybe a million-dollar contract will develop as a result of the conversations it starts.  But my gut tells me that there are less costly ways to effectively start conversations with your desired audience.


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